2funBasTards are the Navy SEALs of the Performance Art Army.

They are a performance, video, and installation collective with many members. Their goal is to make the world objectively better.

2funBasTards was founded by Jason Lee and Chris Wildrick in 1997. Tom Bleigh and Terry Tierney joined soon afterwards. Michael O'Briant, Tom Cranley, Justin Wood, Blaire Bundy, Shannon Buckvold, and Kari Buckvold joined in for later performances. Theresa Nicholson and Andrea Buckvold often provided documentation.

They have performed at numerous selective venues including the Wisconsin Triennial, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the Last Cleveland Performance Art Festival, the Soap Factory, and the Stray Show.

2funBasTards is currently performing 2funBasTards on Hiatus II.

Selected projects:


Polluter II

Solving All the World's Problems


Never Let 'Em See You Sweat

Elvis on Black Velvet Paints Elvis on Black Velvet

Where Is That BasTard?

Personal Raves

Sheep Races

BasTard, Can You Spare a Dime?


You can download a poster that lists all their performances here.


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