April Showers, performed April 2004, designed and printed 2004 (digital prints wrapped over half-inch-thick particle board mounts and drilled directly into the wall)

For the month of April, 2004, Chris took a picture of himself right before each of the showers that he took. He also wrote down the reason for each shower, e.g., that he smelled like smoke from burning leaves, etc.

The images and reasons were them mixed up out of order and shown in the above format. Visitors who were able to correctly match the textual description of his state of dirtiness their corresponding visual rendition of his dirtiness won a free Chris Wildrick Bookmark. (See here for more information on the bookmarks.) Viewers of the website may try to win a bookmark as well--send your answers in the form of matched numbers (texts) and letters (pictures) to chris.wildrick at gmail.com. One try per person.

Detail of Installation

Details of the Pictures of Chris before Showering

Textual Descriptions of Chris' Reasons for Showering

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