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The titles below are links that lead to images and extended descriptions of Chris' projects, which are grouped by series. All work is ©Chris Wildrick for the year following the titles below. These dates represent the year in which the most recent documentation for a project was designed and produced, and not necessarily when the original project was first enacted--see the actual project description for a more complete history of the works.



Owie (2011-present)

Back Issues (2012-present)

Back Issues: Satellite Store (2012)


THE PALEONTOLOGY OF CHRIS WILDRICK IS OVERRATED (click on this link for a general description of this series):

Surveys of the Variance in Dinosaur Name Pronunciations (2013 and 2014)

A Day in the Life of a Dino (2013)

Dino Cookies (2013)

Clay-dograms (2013)

Psychic Dinosaurs from the Future! (2012-present)

Dry Facts, Dry Bones (2012-present)

Eenie Meenie Miny Moe (2012-present)

Tooth & Claw (2012-present)

Dinosaur Aesthetics Lectures (2011, 2012)

Dig! Dig! (2011)

D.I.Y. Dinosaur Skeleton Tangrams! (2010)

D.I.Y. Paraves Cladogram! (2010)

Collected paleontology books (2010)

DinosaurSearch (2010)

Skin & Bones III (2010)

Dinosaurs On Our Minds (2009)

Time Trials (2009-2010)

Casting Call (2008-2010)

Emotidon (2008-2010)

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words (2008-2010)

Dinosaur Duo (2008-2010)

Skin & Bones II (2008-2010)

Species-a-rama (2008-2010)

Artist Interviews (2007-present)

Talk the Talk (2006-2010)

Walk the Walk (2006-2010)

Tracks and Translations (2006, with Andrea Buckvold)

The Dinosaur Mating Game (2006-2010)

Preternatural Paleontological Palmistry (2005-2010)

Dinosaur High School (2005-present)

Skin & Bones I (2004, 2010)

Fooling the Future (2002)


SKETCHES FOR ART FOR ANIMALS (click on this link for a general description of this series):

Cat and Mouse (2010)

Animal P.O.V. (2010)

Cat Jumps/Always Land on Your Feet (2010)

Cat People vs. Dog People (2010)

Catnaps for Everyone! (2010)

Winding Way (2010)

Marking My Territory (2009)

Puff-Offs (2010)

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You (2010)

Make Your Own Odor Field Paintings (2010)

Always Landing on My Feet (2009)

Catnaps (2006)

Odor Field Paintings (2006)

The Purr-fect Painting (2004)

Things My Cats Can Jump on but I Can't:

Window Sill (2004)

Filing Cabinet (2004)

Landing (2004)

Rorschach Test:

[A] (2003)

[B] (2003)

[C] (2003)

[D] (2003)


THE BEST TREE IN THE WORLD (click on this link for a general description of this series):

The Center for Trees of Greatness and Curiosity (see Interactive Projects page for more) (2007-present)

Oral Tree Histories (see Interactive Projects page for more) (2004-present)

Learning from the Losers (2007)

Laminated Leaves: Tracking (2006)

Huggability (2004)

Leaf Count (2004)

Shade Test (2004)

Record Album Racks (2004)

Blowability (2004)

Climbability (2003)

Flexibility (2003)

The Most Beautiful Tree in the World (see Interactive Projects page for more) (2002-present)

Trees and Their Doppelgangers:

Here & There (2004)

William Wilson:

[Set A, A'] (2002)

[Set B, B'] (2002)

[Set C, C'] (2003)

[Set D, D'] (2003)



Still Purple (2012)

Data Field Flags (2011)

In Medias Res (2009)

Purple (2008)

Presidential Statistics (2006)

Fortune (2004)

Trickle Down (1998/2011)



There and Back Again II (2012)

Eponymous (2005-06)

Throwing My Weight Around (2004 and 2005)

21 (2002)

Walking a Fine Line Between Here & There (2004)

Old School Videos! (old!)



Blue Sky Blue Streak (2006)

Poker Faces (2004)

April Showers (2004)

Root Down (2004)

Local Reality Tests:

Wall Test (2003)

Temporal Continuity Test (2001)

Product Test (2003)



Full Oval: I [Heart] Mom (2008)

Walls on the Wall (2003)

Wasted (2003)



Bookmarks (2004)

Lend Me a Copy of Your Most Hated Song on CD and I'll Love It by the End of the Night (2003)

Who Is That Unmasked Man? (2003)

Never Say Never Again (2002)

Clear (2002)

Copy/Paste (2002)

Chris Sucks the Marrow Out of Life (2003)

Making Lines Longer (2003)

Putting Off the End of the World (2003)

Waiting for Teleportation to Be Invented (2003)



Leaps & Bounds (2003)

Perform Past Terms: An Impersonation Being a Separate Actor (2003)

Changing My Face by Practicing Smiling (2003)

The Book Book (2003)

The First 100 T-Shirts I Saw Today (2003)

Pretty Average (2003)


EARL (a collaborative duo):

WØrd Search (2011)

Videos (1999)


2funBasTards (a collaborative group, click on this link for a general description):

BasTard, Can You Spare a Dime? (2006)

Sheep Races (2000)

Personal Raves (1998, 2000)

Where Is That BasTard? (2000)

Elvis on Black Velvet Paints Elvis on Black Velvet (2000)

Never Let 'Em See You Sweat

Flyboys (1998)

Solving All the World's Problems (1998, 1999, 2000)

Polluter II (1998)

Press (1998)