Sketches for Art for Animals: Catnaps, performance, Combined Faculty Exhibition, University Museum, SIUC, 2006

As part of Chris' attempt to make art for animal's sake--that is, art that is made for animals to appreciate, not for humans to appreciate--Chris is doing what he can to better understand their mindsets. Therefore, in this case, he took a series of catnaps during the middle of the workweek in order to better understand how cats operate. He took a twenty-minute catnap every Thursday afternoon that this exhibition was open.

While Chris wasn't able to fall entirely asleep, he was able to achieve a very restful, peaceful state that helped him better appreciate the rest of his day.

You can hear sound recordings of the entirety of each of Chris' naps. At first you'll hear him getting ready to nap, then you'll hear him napping, then you'll hear him getting up. The microphone was in his chest pocket, so the sounds you can hear while he's napping include his breathing and heartbeat (indistinctly, of course).


Catnap 1

Catnap 2

Catnap 3


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