Sketches for Art for Animals: Catnaps for Everyone!, installed at Unit B, San Antonio, TX and FIMA, Montreal, ON, both 2010

Chris wants to make art for animals. In order to make art for animals, he needs to know what kind of art animals would like. In order to know what kind of art animals would like, he needs to understand what it's like to be an animal--what it's like to see and hear and think and feel and behave like an animal. These projects are also made for other people to try, so that they can give Chris feedback about their own experiences, and also so they can make their own art for animals. This project is intended to help understand what it is like to sleep in public like a cat.

Cats are notoriously able to sleep any where and any time. Chris has taken his own catnaps, but has also created an environment for people to take cat naps themselves. An alarm clock has been provided so the nappers can sleep for whatever amount of time they like.


Click on the thumbnails to see bigger versions of each picture. The four are from Unit B, the last one is from FIMA:


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