"The danger is in the neatness of identifications."
--Samuel Beckett, “Dante...Bruno.Vico..Joyce”



Chris Wildrick is a conceptual and performance artist who is interested in mapping systems of being and perception onto one another, exploring the points at which those systems are analogous and the points at which they are not. His work tends to be characterized by a sense of humor, an exploration of the aesthetics of presentation, and a tension between data and phenomena. He uses large-format digital prints, video, performance, books, graphs, ID cards, fortune cookies, and whatever other media best present the concepts and processes he is trying to examine. Chris likes to make work that is friendly and accessible to the average person while also posing experimental propositions about the field for consideration by other artists; he believes art can be entertaining without sacrificing its sophistication or depth.

If you want to see Chris' work, check out the Project Archive link to the left. It contains documentation of all his work, including his paleontology projects, art for animals, tree art, and more.

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You can contact Chris at chris.wildrick at gmail.com.