The Paleontology of Chris Wildrick Is Overrated: Dinosaurs on Our Minds, 2009, panel discussion at the Redhouse, Syracuse, NY

Chris organized and moderated a presentation called Dinosaurs on Our Minds: The Great Post-Extinction Dinosaur Diaspora with Warren Allmon, Director of the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI), Richard Kissel, Director of Teacher Programs at PRI, and Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics. It was held at the Redhouse, Syracuse, NY.

The panel dealt with dinosaur imagery in popular culture and the relationship between artists and scientists.

Chris would like to thank all the participants for their fantastic contributions to the discussion.


The first hour or so of the discussion can be heard at Redhouse Art Radio at:


The pamphlet describing the panel and the participants' biographies can be found here:



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