The collected books from The Paleontology of Chris Wildrick Is Overrated, all created 2010. Exhibited at the Museum of the Earth, 2010.

Chris showed most of his paleontology work at his solo show at the Museum of the Earth. He completed and redesigned several of the existing projects in book form.

This page collects photographs and the PDFs of all those books together so that they can be seen in one spot and compared with one another. The PDFs of each of the books can also be found on their individual pages on this website.

The books comprise a total of 745 pages. Several of the books have large fold-out pages for extensive graphs and charts, which can be seen in the photos below. In the PDFs the fold-out pages are shown at their correct proportional size. The fold-outs by themselves are a total of 192 feet long.


Chris recommends that you view the book PDFs on Acrobat, and that under View > Page Display, you select "Two-Up Continuous" and "Show Cover Page During Two-Up" for the full book experience.

("Two-Up Continuous" shows the both the left- and right-hand pages in a spread together on your screen. "Show Cover Page During Two-Up" makes the first page of the book show as a single page on the right-hand side, thus making sure that all the following pages are shown in their correct pairings, like pages 2 and 3, pages 4 and 5, etc. Doing this will ensure that you see the book the way Chris designed it, with various visual and informational relationships existing between the left- and right-hand pages.)


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words:



Casting Call:

PDF: (note: the PDF of this book is much larger than most others: 10 MB)


Dinosaur Duo:

PDF: (note: the PDF of this book is much larger than the others: 20 MB)


Dinosaur High School:






Preternatural Paleontological Palmistry; this book also featured an addendum in the form of a box with 27 additional charts):

Book PDF: Addendum PDF:


Skin & Bones I (Skin & Bones II and Skin & Bones III were exhibited in video and chart form only):






The Dinosaur Mating Game:




Several other projects in that show were exhibited in some other (non-book) form. See their individual pages for more information.


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