Time/Space Continuum Tests. Videos of performances. 1999.

Earl is a collaborative duo consisting of Chris and his wife, Andrea Buckvold.

Earl made these three videos during graduate school. Time/Space Continuum Test #2 is missing. Earl continues to make books and other projects.


Time/Space Continuum Test #1: Jude Bude/Grape Fizz: Strange Gravity Attractors with an Imperfect Background Radiation (Hoop Ass) (1'19")



Time/Space Continuum Test #3: Incidents and Evidence of Baryon/Lepton Orbital Simultaneity (Amino Acids/Insane in the Brain) (1'13")



Time/Space Continuum Test #4: Outside the Map: Speculating Closed Universe Conundrums (Curve Ball/Swingers) (1'32")




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