Flyboys, 2funBasTards performance and installation, performed at Ten, at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, MN, 1998.

2funBasTards is a performance collective with many members. Chris Wildrick and Jason Lee were the performers for this project. John Elliott constructed the towers.

Chris and Jason ascended to the top of two red lifeguard-tower-like chairs, positioned some distance apart. They wore white coveralls, dark welding goggles, and radio headsets. At the top of each chair was a box with 500 sheets of blank white paper. Chris and Jason proceeded to make all the paper into paper airplanes and throw them at each other.

Their sight was severely limited due to the welding goggles, but could talk to each other through the radios. These sensory adjustments made them focus on each other and their work.

Audience members were free to walk between them, and often picked up and re-threw the airplanes.

The performance took about four hours. The chairs and airplanes were left for the duration of the exhibition.







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