Fortune, data gathered 2001-2, installed at the University Museum, SIUC, 2004, promotional material designed 2004

During the year Chris lived in Las Vegas, he wrote down all the data related to his slot machine use--game, casino, date, time, the money he inserted and the money he won on each pull. He then analyzed this data from a number of angles, such as "most popular casino," "least played game," "winningest hour of the day," "average money bet per month," and so on. The original data pool was then placed in the binder shown above, and each piece of the analysis of the data was placed in a separate fortune cookie. These fortune cookies, with their informatrional prize, were given away for free to the public, starting at the opening reception of the show. The cookies were very popular and necessitated multiple "editions."

The original data pool can be found here.

If you are interested in any of the above examples of analyses, or any other, just email Chris at chris.wildrick at You may only ask for one analysis per email but may send as many emails as you like, just as visitors to the original installation could only open one analysis per cookie but could have as many cookies as they liked.

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