Here & There: Trees and Their Doppelgangers, trees discovered and photographed 2003, billboard designed and displayed 2003, interactive project active October 2003, analysis written 2003

As part of Chris' exploration of tree doppelgangers, he discovered that he was unable to pair up certain trees or doppelgangers, despite his certainty as to their tree or doppelganger status. This led an interactive project that he designed for October, 2003, in which he used a billboard in Chicago and a series of 100 posters in southern Illinois to advertise a website, through which the public could vote for which trees they thought went with which doppelgangers.

The following link will first bring you to the page that people saw when they logged in to vote, which itself then has links to images of the billboard and posters, as well as the "answers" page, with the true tree-doppelganger pairs, as determined by the voting public. (this site is longer active and can only be found here)

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