Interactive Projects

Welcome to Chris' page of interactive projects. You can take part in each of these projects by clicking on the links below and following the directions. All of the projects are free (although some may require you to pay for a stamp). Results from past interactive projects are also available.

The Best Tree in the World: Center for the Collection and Promotion of All Wondrous and Odd Trees and Tree-Related Things : NEW! An online museum of unusual, fascinating, and amazing trees and tree-related material. Submit your own tree links to become part of the Center!

The Most Beautiful Tree in the World: An annual project, with the winners determined by your votes. See here to see the Most Beautiful Tree of 2012! And follow these links for the most beautiful trees of 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003. Nominees for the Most Beautiful Tree of 2013 will be up soon.

Oral Tree Histories: Chris is looking for your stories about trees.

Blue Sky Blue Streak: Chris is asking people to utter sentences that have never been said before and will never been said again. You can either submit your own unique sentences or comment on whether or not you have in fact said or not said other people's entries before.

Wildrick World Numbering System: Chris is attempting to number the entire population of the earth. Haven't you always wanted to just be a number--of your choice? Featuring free laminated photo ID Cards!

Reproduction: Sign up to become Chris Wildrick here. Featuring free laminated ID Cards!

15 Minutes of Fame T-Shirt Trade-Off: You give me your 15 minutes of fame, and I give you a free t-shirt!

Am I Better Than You Are?: You can find out the definitive answer to this question here--and win a free certificate affirming the results, either way!

Do I Know You?: A very simple question. Answer it here. (This is the easiest project to do!)