The 15 Minutes of Fame T-Shirt Trade-Off

Chris is trying to collect as much fame of the 15-minute variety as possible. To date, he has collected over 10 hours of fame.

If you feel like you don't want your 15 minutes of fame, then you can give it to Chris. Simply print out this contract, fill it out, mail it to Chris, and he will send you a free t-shirt for your troubles! The t-shirt has the name of the project on the front and says "I'll never be famous" on the back.

Mail the contract to Chris Wildrick, 222 Smith Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244. Emailed contracts will not be accepted.

When filling out the contract, make sure to include your own mailing address, so that Chris will be able to mail you the t-shirt. (I only need your address to mail you the shirt; I will not ever use it for any other purposes, will not ever mail you anything else again, and will ever not give it out to anyone else.)


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