The Best Tree in the World: Center for the Collection and Promotion of All Wondrous and Odd Trees and Tree-Related Things

Chris has spent several years trying to find out which tree, out all of the trees in the world, is the BEST tree. There are, of course, many ways to determine a tree's relative bestness, and you can find many of them here and here. And, of course, Chris does not do all this work alone--the public has always been able to take part in this project by voting on the Most Beautiful Tree in the World, which is certainly one of the most important qualities related to a tree's bestness. However, Chris is now taking this project to a whole new level of interactivity and inclusiveness. From now on, the Best Tree in the World: Center for the Collection and Promotion of All Wondrous and Odd Trees and Tree-Related Things will function as a storinghouse or museum of important tree-related information, images, and ideas. While projects analyzing specific aspects of trees will still be forthcoming, this Center will act as a depository for trees of exception, rarity, and wonder, opening up the world of tree-investigation to everyone.

The Center will feature links to prominent trees and tree-related websites, and may also include other pictures and newsworthy facts from other sources. If you any tree-related links you would like posted on the Best Tree in the World: Center for the Collection and Promotion of All Wondrous and Odd Trees and Tree-Related Things, please send them to me at chris.wildrick @

(Please note that Chris hasn't investigated the reliability of any of the products or services shown here!)


Things You Can Do with Trees

The Czech Tree of the Year contest

A guide to tree-climbing at Williams College, by Brent Yorgey, lists some great trees to climb

Dancing with Trees:Recreational Tree Climbing Company

Christmas Spirit Foundation: trees for troops

Dendrome—A Forest Tree Genome Database

Trees of Mystery: great name--a redwood trail

Trees for the Future: donate to plant trees


People Who Are into Trees

Trees, if you please: an unusual tree blog

The Shade Brigade: searching for the nicest, oldest, and most interesting trees in Plantation, FL

The Whispering Crane Institute: a list of Trees We Do Not Like and a very weird picture


Stories About Trees

A man grew a two-inch tree in his lungs! (Maybe.)

The loss of the willow tree Belinda, by Bici Pazza

Blog discussion—the most interesting trees

The Shoe Tree

Four interesting trees (and what their bark foretold), a humorous essay by Daniel Asa Rose

2011's Tolkien Reading Day focused on his descriptions of trees


Tree Resources

The National Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA community program--Carbondale, IL has been one for 26 years and Syracuse, NY has been one for 18 years

International Society of Arboriculture

Christmas Tree Farm Network

Trees of Antiquity: Heirloom Fruit Trees (cool name)

Tree Classics: The "World's Finest Artificial Christmas Trees" (great name for this product)

Tree People: "helping nature heal our cities," based in LA


Photos of Interesting Trees

A great list of the "10 most magnificent trees in the world," by "Alex"

A list of famous trees at Wikipedia

Lumberjocks: interesting trees from a lumberjack

And more interesting trees from Lumberjocks

Trees We Have Loved, by Sue Felleman

Alifasi Daka photoblog of interesting trees

The Funny Blog: pretty interesting trees interesting trees again!

Flickr pictures tagged "trees"

Biggest, Tallest Tree Photo Ever

Feral houses with trees growing in or on them, in Detroit

30 Creepiest Trees on Earth, some of which are real and some of whcih are Photoshopped

New Tallest Tree

Amazing pictures of tree bark


Famous Trees

These two sites list some of the historic trees of Texas.

The Lonely Tree of Tenere

A list of "Exceptional" trees

The story of Herbie the Elm


Tree Facts

A List of Official State Trees

The National Register for Big Trees is the official list of the biggest tree of each species in the country

Here are three lists of Christmas tree facts.

Tree facts from Haliyali.

And more tree facts from Society of American Foresters

And some from North Carolina Woodworker

And more from SavATree

And even yet more from the United Nations Environmental Programme


Information about Tree Species

680 Tree Facts

Green Culture Singapore


Books, Art, and Objects about Trees

The Interdependence Tree by the International Fiber Collaborative

56 Tree Poems, by Michael Snow, sold at Printed Matter

Dead Trees: A Holday Album, by Taly and Russ Johnson, sold at Printed Matter

I Love Trees, by Marcella Stasa, sold at Printed Matter

Rocket Tree, The Modulated Diary of Atul, by Susanne Gertrud Kriemann, sold at Printed Matter

Three Trees in a Row, by Gary Starks, sold at Printed Matter

Trees Hit by Cars, by Adam Frelin, sold at Printed Matter

Sound Map: Let's Follow Susie, by Susie Kim, is a collection of the sounds made by the wind blowing through the leaves of different trees; it's also a guessing game as you try to figure out which tree made which sound

Robot 250: The Look-See Tree, by Ally Reeves, is a planned bicycle-powered robot tree

Artist Tim Knowles gets trees to make drawings, at the Drawn! blog

The Benefits of Looking Up and I Think I Can, I Think I Can by Partners and Spade, books of photos of looking up at trees and down at grass

The Sibley Guide to Trees, by David Allen Sibley

Bucky from Get Fuzzy, by Darby Conley, waxes philosophical about trees


Tree Products

The Mini-Bonsai Kit, by Running Press (also features a Bonsai Potato)--make your own bonsai tree.

Turn Over a New Leaf notebook, by Sukie.

This company makes pens out of historic trees after they've been cut down.

Christmas Tree Lights, Etc. sells Christmas tree lights, and also has a variety of informational pages about how to buy and light trees.


Other Kinds of Trees

Ancestry World [family] tree

Bruce Schneier: Attack Trees (not as interesting as you would hope but interesting nonetheless!)

Trees: a program for drawing language structures