The Best Tree in the World: Oral Tree Histories

As part of his project to find out which tree, out of all the trees in the world is the BEST tree, Chris is looking for your stories about trees. Have you had a significant tree in your life? If so, make an audio recording of it, and email it to Chris at chris.wildrick at

What kind of stories is Chris looking for? Anything about trees--trees that fell on your car, trees you liked to climb as a child, trees you carved your girlfriend's initial into, trees you just spent a lot of time looking at because they're so beautiful. Anything that made a tree important in your life.

.aif files are preferable. Once sent, your stories become part of Chris' project, and he may present them in any format or exhibition. Please include your name so Chris can give you credit.

See here for a selection of the oral tree histories Chris has already collected.


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