Wildrick World Numbering System

Chris has been attempting to Number the entire population of the earth since 1998. This is your chance to be a Number!

Of course, you may feel like you already have enough numbers--your social security number, your drivers' licence number, your ATM number, whatever. That's why Chris is giving you a chance to pick a Number of your very own.

The process is pretty simple: pick the Number which you feel best represents you, then mail or email it to me with a photo of you, along with your mailing address. I will then mail you a free laminated Wildrick World Numbering System Photo ID Card. (I only need your address to mail you the card; I will not ever use it for any other purposes, will not ever mail you anything else again, and will ever not give it out to anyone else.) When you have your card, you have officially joined the ranks of the Wildrick World Numbering System!


To choose your Number, just follow this process:

Numbers must be between 1 and the estimated population of the earth at noon on the day you are Numbered. In order to find out what the highest number is that you can choose on any particular day, follow this (completely unafilliated) link. Use their program to find out the number of people on earth today at noon--note that you can't use the continually-changing clock, which is updated by the second. You need to find out the population at noon, which means you need to go through the date calculation program--just fill in today's day, month, and year.

Once you know the possible range of Numbers, it is time to choose which Number best represents you. It can be based on anything--your birthday, a text in binary code, a palindrome, maybe just something with good numeric rhythm. Please be aware that all Numbers are shown in a 10-digit format, and Numbers with less than 10 digits will be given 0s as place-holders. So, for instance, if your Number was 27, it would actually be written as 0000000027 in the official list of Wildrick World Numbering System Numbers. Of coure, you cannot have the same Number as someone else--check here to see if the Number you would like has already been taken. Even if your Number is not on the list, please send me a list of three prioritized possible choices for your Number, just in case the list isn't fully updated (people are being Numbered on a continuous basis).

Once you have your list of 3 prioritized Numbers, send it to me (along with a photo and your mailing address) to me here or here:

Chris Wildrick, 222 Smith Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244


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