The Best Tree in the World: Laminated Leaves: Tracking, interactive installation 2005, data analyzed and presentation materials designed 2006

This 6-week installation explored patterns of human-leaf interaction. 74 laminated leaves from different trees were left on the gallery floor. As visitors walked through the gallery, their feet slowly brushed the leaves from the most heavily-walked paths. They could also intentionally re-arrange (or take) the leaves as they wished. Three times a week, Chris drew a map of the leaves’ placement on the chart on the wall. This series of maps is being analyzed longitudinally so that each leaf’s pattern of movement can be seen in relation to that of the rest. As with many other works, the instructions and title were incorporated into the presentation and given their own panels.

Close-ups of some of the leaves can be seen here, here, and here, and close-ups of some of the hand-drawn maps can be seen here, here, and here.

The final map can be seen here, and a few representative leaves' tracks can be seen here.


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