Art for Animals: Odor Field Paintings, 2006 (cat products on paper)

Chris is working on a series of works of art made specifically for animals. They are not meant to be of particular interest to humans, and often use stimuli outside the normal human sensory range. Chris made this series of thirty-five paintings using solutions derived from various odoriferous cat products such as catnip, cat milk, and cat grass seeds. To ensure an interesting composition of smells, each painting’s layout is based on a seminal work of abstract or color field painting.

Although they are meant for animals, not for people, and even though they are meant to be smelled, not seen, here are ten of the thirty-five Odor Field Paintings:

Abstract Painting | The Clock | White on White | Untitled | Blue Monochrome | Boats at Sea | Echo | Texturology | Untitled | Warm Sound in a Gray Field