These are a bunch of videos that Chris made back in the day that are not otherwise related to each other. They're from about 1998 to 2001.

Back (0'44"). Chris keeps trying to walk down a sidewalk without stepping on a crack.



Clear (0'31") (see also the poster) Chris tries to erase a memory.



Copy/Paste (0'27") (see also the poster) Chris tries to replace his personality with someone else's.


Pot Boiler (0'31"). Chris watches a pot of water boil all the way down.


Waiting for Time Travel to Be Invented (0'20") (see also the similar poster) Chris waits for time travel to be invented.


Local Reality Test: Wall Test (0'32") (see also the poster) Chris sees if he can walk through a wall (in the sense of making himself intangible).


When You Say Jump, I Say How High (1'05") People ask Chris to jump at certain heights and he tries to do so.



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