The Best Tree in the World: Oral Tree Histories, performed at ArtBoat2, Chicago, IL, 2004, and Grace Space's Grace Satellite, Stone Ridge, NY, 2007

Chris is collecting oral histories about the significant trees in people's lives. The first series of oral histories were collected on a minicassette recorder in a location with a high degree of background noise, and while they were very powerful and entertaining stories, their sound quality is not high enough to post here. However, the stories from a later collection date were recorded in a natively digital format, and while there is still background noise, they are much easier to understand. The stories are below. Also, you may send in your own oral tree histories--see here for details.

Oral Tree History 1: Michael Josephus


Oral Tree History 2: Ed


Oral Tree History 3: Igor Sourotkine


Oral Tree History 4: Angela Maria Castillo


Oral Tree History 5: Rachel


Oral Tree History 6: Amie Worley


Oral Tree History 7: Desiree Ledet



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