Throwing My Weight Around, performed at Faculty 5, MadArt Gallery, St. Louis, MO, 2004, and Murphysboro, IL, 2004 and 2005; edited 2005

Chris threw his weight around until there was no more weight to throw. Each time, Chris threw his weight (as of that day) in a different form of water--bottled water, snow, and wet leaves; the length of the performance was determined by the amount of time it took to fully disseminate his weight.

Version 1: bottled water, 175.5 pounds, performance: ~60 minutes, video: 9 minutes 4 seconds


Version 2: snow, 176 pounds, performane/video: 3 minutes 14 seconds


Version 3: wet leaves, 175.5 pounds, performance/video: 11 minutes 50 seconds