The Best Tree in the World, 2002-present

I am trying to figure out which tree, out of all the many trees in the world, is the very best tree. This entails looking at all the characteristics that make a tree the best, such as its beauty, the number of leaves it has, the amount of shade it gives, its flexibility in the wind, and so on.

In many ways I am inspired by other popular contests and investigations into other high-quality categories of things, from human beauty pageants to the Oscars. If we can determine the best candidate in those categories, why not trees?

Since I started looking at trees' relative bestness, I have also become interested in other tree qualities, such as tree dopplegangers. Really, I have become fascinated by how interesting trees are in general, especially considering that they are a fairly static, non-sentient, omnipresent kind of plant that doesn't seem to do a lot. To this end, I have started to simply collect interesting tree facts, as seen in the top link.


The Center for Trees of Greatness and Curiosity

Oral Tree Histories

Learning from the Losers

Laminated Leaves: Tracking


Leaf Count

Shade Test

Record Album Racks




The Most Beautiful Tree in the World (see Interactive Projects page for more)

Trees and Their Doppelgangers:

Here & There

William Wilson:

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[Set B, B']

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