The Most Beautiful Tree of 2008

Your votes for Most Beautiful Tree of 2008 have been tallied, and this year the winner was Tree 14 by a landslide!


Tree 14


While some other trees had very strong showings, Tree 14 blew them all away. The original Nominees for Most Beautiful Tree of 2008 were:

| Tree 1 | Tree 2 | Tree 3 | Tree 4| Tree 5| Tree 6 | Tree 7 | Tree 8 | Tree 9 | Tree 10 | Tree 11 | Tree 12 | Tree 13 | Tree 14 | Tree 15 |

Nominees for the Most Beautiful Tree of 2009 will be coming soon. If you have a tree you would like to nominate, please send a jpeg image of it to chris.wildrick at The image should measure 270x360 pixels, and should have a vertical aspect ratio if possible. Chris will post the tree on this site and list your name as a "tree contributor," although your name will not be specifically attached to the image, so as not to artificially influence the number of votes that that tree may receive. (It is important that the trees receive their votes solely on their beauty and not because of other, extraneous, factors.)



Chris Wildrick


The current nominees for the Most Beautiful Tree of 2009 can be found here.

Winners for previous years can be found here: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

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