Psychic Dinosaurs from the Future

I’m writing a science-fiction novel called Psychic Dinosaurs from the Future.  It’s about some psychic dinosaurs that are from the future.  The book is aimed at middle school kids.

I’m currently editing and expanding the first draft, after which I plan to run it past my kids to see what they think.  When I’ve added what I am sure are their many suggestions for improvements and additions, I’ll start looking for publishers.  Although I consider it to be a work of art–a realization of my explorations into dinosaurs and geek culture–the goal is for it to function as a completely straightforward kids’ sci-fi novel.

I’ve included a couple of the many supplementary materials I’ve created to help write the book: a quick sketch of the various dinosaurs’ colorations and relative scales, and a timeline of which characters appear in each chapter.

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