Tusken Raider cosplay

The A New Hope, male, version, if you’re interested.

I actually don’t have a huge explanation of this cosplay. It’s probably the most well-known character I’ve done in years, one that doesn’t require me to explain some weird continuity quirk or decades-long comic history. It’s just one of the Sand People who tried to kill Luke and steal R2 in the first Star Wars.

I started this thinking it was going to be relatively straightforward, but as with all costumes, it turned out to be more complicated than I thought. It’s scratch-built, including the leather bandoliers, except for the metal bits on the face, which are 3D printed from Thingiverse.

And no, I can barely see anything out of it. This has the worst visibility of any of my costumes.

If you are a stickler, you will note that the gaffi stick is slightly different in design from the most popular version in the movie, partly in the pineapple head design but also because the spike is a 3-sided pyramid, not 4-sided. Why? Well, as my son said, 3-sided blades are “better for war crimz.” So there’s that.

Or as the Tusken says, “Hraaaaaaaa…hruk hurk hruk hruk hruk hruk!”

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