Tiboro Cosplay

This is my most recent cosplay, of Tiboro, LORD OF THE SIXTH DIMENSION!!!!!!!  (You know, two dimensions over from Time, right?). He’s a minor villain for Dr. Strange. I created it to go along with my family’s group cosplay, which was themed as “Extra-dimensional Lords”! (My wife was Hela, my daughter was Clea, and my son was Annihilus.) We wore them at New York Comic Con.

I’ve revised it since then: a completely different wand, modified helmet, new chest/shoulder armor, new texture and paint, and a modified boot.  I’m much happier with this version.

The first image is a cold-weather version with some black spandex that’s not part of the official costume; the second image is the original iteration; the others are the new version.


Round Robin FanFic and Comic Battle Debate

I was invited to CannonCon, a comic convention in Watertown, NY.  There, I gave a talk called The Social Side of Geek Culture where I compared geek fandom to social sculpture.

I also did two interactive projects at the end, a Round Robin FanFic and a Comic Battle Debate.

For the Round Robin FanFic, the members of the audience and I took turns, each writing a sentence in a piece of fan fiction.  I then posted it on Comic Vine, for others to read and comment, if they like.

For the Comic Battle Debate, I led the audience in a debate about a battle between Spider-man and Batman, where we parsed their respective strengths and weaknesses, and argued our individual positions on the fight.

Both projects went over well with an enthusiastic audience, for whom I was very appreciative.

You Don’t Rob Me, I Don’t Rob You.*

*Also applies as follows: You don’t murder me, I don’t murder you; you don’t rape me, I don’t rape you; you don’t hit me, I don’t hit you; you don’t lie to me, I don’t lie to you; you don’t lie about me, I don’t lie about you; you don’t insult me, I don’t insult you; you don’t cheat me, I don’t cheat you; you don’t break my trust, I don’t break your trust; you don’t put me down, I don’t put you down; you don’t ignore me, I don’t ignore you; you don’t disrespect what I say, I don’t disrespect what you say; you don’t restrain me, I don’t restrain you; you don’t harm me, I don’t harm you; you don’t treat me poorly, I don’t treat you poorly;  you treat me like a human being, I treat you like a human being.**

**Other conditions may be added at any time.

Performance.  Soft opening: January 1, 2017.  Grand opening: January 20, 2017.