2funBasTards: Sheep Races

2funBasTards is a performance collective with many members. Jason Lee, Tom Cranley, Justin Wood, Tom Bleigh, and Chris Wildrick took turns performing on this project.  This project was based on a previous solo project by Jason Lee.

Two 2funBasTards stood at opposite ends of a fenced-in course. The Broom BasTard had a broom and five hundred Black Sheep. The BlowerBasTard had a leaf blower and five hundred White Sheep. Each BasTard’s goal was to shepherd his Sheep to the other side of the course before the other BasTard got to his side. Each tool had its own strengths: the broom had precision, and the blower had power. The BasTards were allowed to not only shepherd their own Sheep, but also their opponent’s Sheep, which often led to a madcap battle in the center.

The two Barker BasTards provided color commentary on the race through their megaphones.

This performance was run many times over the course of a week.



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