All the Scars of the Molecule Man: The Face of Inconsistency

Owen Reece, the Molecule Man, is one of my favorite comics characters. He is known for his facial scars that look like lightning bolts that radiate out from the center of his face.

These scars are central to his identity and story; he got them from the atomic accident that gave him his powers.

However, there is no definitive portrayal of how many scars he has, or where they are. Sometimes he has them on his forehead, cheeks, chin, and lips. Other times he only has them in one of those places. Sometimes he has five or seven scars in any given location, other times only two or three.

This GIF maps all of his scars in all of his appearances. Even individual issues usually show multiple versions of his scars, so these are the average number of scars shown in a given issue.

A blue scar indicates that that part of his face was not visible in that appearance and so the presence or absence of scars in that area cannot be determined.

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