Fooling the Future

This was Chris’ first public paleontological project, and was created before he decided to focus on Dinosaur Aesthetics, so it has a somewhat different goal and tone than the later projects.

Chris instigated a community project in Cleveland where he and several middle school students buried plaster casts of a robot arm that he had designed. The goal was for the cast to fossilize over the next several million years, after which, with more than a little luck, a paleontologist of the far future might dig it up!

These casts were impregnated with calcium and other minerals common to the human body, so when they dissolved the minerals would leach into the soil and mimic human body chemistry. Their shape, however, would look robotic. The artificial fossil would thus seemingly have been left by a robot that had human body chemistry, thereby fooling (and confounding) the future.

This is a now-sort-of-crappy amalgam image of the pics from the project:FoolingTheFuture

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