In the summer of Covid, I decided to create a mini online comic-con for my family’s entertainment, and also for the enjoyment of anyone else who wanted to log on.

Home-Con’s schedule went from 10am-8pm. Everyone in my family gave a panel-style presentation. Mine was “Sensations and Relations: Food and Art in Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil.” My wife’s talk was “Modeling Positive Boyhood in Adventure Time, my daughter’s was “How Did Animal Crossing Blow Up So Much During Quarantine?,” and my son’s was “Comparing My Hero Academia’s Quirks with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Stands.”

We also did a series of Lego Challenges, had several Comic Battle Debates, created and showed off artwork in an Artist Alley, had a trivia contest, ran a Nerf-gun battle, painted miniature D&D figures, played a Mario Kart video game tourney, and watched the movie The Black Hole.

How tall a structure can you balance on a minifig?

We also all wore cosplay all day (I wore my Jack of Hearts and Dark Jedi costumes).

For meals, we had hot dogs, Coke, and chips for lunch, which cost $20 HomeBucks each (HomeBucks could also be won during various challenges) and “Glob’s Vegetarian Laksa,” a recipe that was featured in New Mutants #10 for dinner.

While we didn’t have a huge number of outside visitors (we broadcast Home-Con via Zoom all day long), there were some, and we had enjoyable discussions and interactions with them.

Me on Zoom

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