Local Reality Test: Wall Test

In this second incarnation of the Wall Test (performed at 16 Beaver Street), I attempted to walk through a wall for one minute. I was unsuccessful.

The original intent was to try to walk through the wall for eight hours, but the gallery had been broken into and vandalized that morning, and the gallery owners and I decided it would be in everyone’s best interest if, when the police showed up to investigate, I was not constantly smacking into a wall.

This is part of a series where I would test the local version of reality, to see if it followed the rules presumed to universally control all reality.

I performed Local Reality Test: Wall Test in an era where I would design posters for each performance after I did them, then I would display the poster, as seen here, in future exhibitions.

An earlier version lasted one hour and was recorded on video. This is a thirty-second excerpt from that video. The video is subtitled Velocity Piece after Barry La Va’s similar (and faster) performance.

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