Sir Timothy Hunter Cosplay

Sir Timothy Hunter is an adult version of Tim Hunter, the main character from Books of Magic. Sir Timothy has a bit of a complicated history (because comics). Young Tim is a teenage boy who is told that he is destined to become the greatest magician of his age, of a type called an Opener.

Young Tim is aware of at least a couple adult versions of himself. One is a world-beater, seen dominating the heroes of the future alongside a host of evil allies. Tim spends much of his time trying to avoid becoming this adult version of himself. Sir Timothy may or may not be the same adult; when we first see him he seems to be in control of the world. He’s engaged in some creepy stuff, like trying to magically replicate his teenage girlfriend, Molly, just the way he remembered her before she dumped him. (The real teenage Molly ends up calling Sir Timothy “Mr. Wrong.”) So, yeah, fairly toxic guy.

As it turns out, also fairly pathetic. Sir Timothy has a servant demon, Barbatos, who helps him rule the future. When Sir Timothy’s world starts to seem like it’s coming apart at the edges, Barbatos explains that it’s because Young Tim is no longer on the path to become Sir Timothy. So Sir Timothy goes back in time to deal with Young Tim. But when he does, it turns out that Barbatos has been manipulating him all along. At least in the past (and maybe the future as well?), Barbatos creates illusions that make it seem like Sir Timothy is living a grand life, but he’s really wearing a ratty suit and living in a cardboard box.

Sir Timothy ends up doing some more bad stuff but eventually turns into a dragon (i.e., comics) and realizes that he’s been a jerk. He helps save the real Molly and dies.

Later on, Young Tim gets involved in a really complicated situation with Barbatos. Young Tim’s soul ends up in Barbatos’s body, which Tim then turns into the shape of his own body. Young Tim’s body is still around without a soul–it is this body that eventually grows up to become Sir Timothy. So the story of Sir Timothy, who definitely comes off as a major creep originally, is really a tragedy, a body destined to live without a soul but ends up overcoming that limitation and redeeming himself.

Anyway–this cosplay is Sir Timothy Hunter and his demon Barbatos. Barbatos is the first three-dimensional object I’ve ever sewn. I liked the first version of his head but remade it to look more like him. The images at the top, where Barbatos has more of a scowl than a grin, are the new version.

In terms of versions of Sir Timothy, there are a few: the version in the future, who wears a single-breasted dark blue suit; the version in the past who is homeless, whose suit is tattered; and the version in the past after he breaks out of Barbatos’s illusions and takes back his power, who wears a double-breasted bright blue suit. I am wearing the original future version, with a single-breasted dark blue suit, a pentagram tie tack, and an off-white (kind of tan-grey) shirt.

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