Walking a Fine Line Between Here & There

As I toured around Calgary for a day, visiting tourist sites, shopping, and looking at art, I traced my path in a small notebook with a 9H pencil, thus leaving an only slightly legible mark. The map was very subjectively formed in line with my second-to-second approximations of direction and distance, complicated by a continuous mix of walking and driving.

The notebook’s pages were then scanned into a computer, assembled into a large-format map, and printed out in a barely perceptible grey ink for a show at the New Gallery.

The image you see inside the black frame above contains the map as it appears when shrunk down to this scale; even close up, this image has lost almost all visual information.

The full-scale digital version, which is a very large file, also appears blank from a distance, but the drawing can be seen when zoomed-in on to a great extent.

Here are some examples of the notebook:

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