You Don’t Rob Me, I Don’t Rob You

*Also applies as follows: You don’t murder me, I don’t murder you; you don’t rape me, I don’t rape you; you don’t hit me, I don’t hit you; you don’t lie to me, I don’t lie to you; you don’t lie about me, I don’t lie about you; you don’t insult me, I don’t insult you; you don’t cheat me, I don’t cheat you; you don’t break my trust, I don’t break your trust; you don’t put me down, I don’t put you down; you don’t ignore me, I don’t ignore you; you don’t disrespect what I say, I don’t disrespect what you say; you don’t restrain me, I don’t restrain you; you don’t harm me, I don’t harm you; you don’t treat me poorly, I don’t treat you poorly;  you treat me like a human being, I treat you like a human being.**

**Other conditions may be added at any time.

Performance.  Soft opening: January 1, 2017.  Grand opening: January 20, 2017.

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