Data Field Flags

I have made a lot of highly complex charts over the years, especially for my paleontology projects.  These are usually intended to break down complicated or unusual data sets to reveal interesting insights, using the charts’ visual design to highlight the information’s patterns.  Normally they’re hung in places where people can take the time to read them up close and digest all the information.  However, they also just look cool from a distance, even if that means seeing them just as visual compositions and ignoring the data.

I made four double-sided flags for Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, where they were displayed on the roof for several weeks as par of an installation series.

The flags’ patterns came from a variety of previous charts, but were mostly dinosaur projects.  I enjoyed how they worked as bright, sigil-like designs from the street level, intentionally subverting their normal obsessive content for pure visual pleasure.  They frayed quite a bit in the Windy’s City’s winds!

Photo credit: Lillstreet Art Center

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