April Showers

I photographed myself right before each of the showers that I took over the course of one particular April. I also wrote down the reason for each shower, e.g., that I smelled like smoke from burning leaves, etc.

The images and reasons were then mixed up out of order and shown in the above format. Visitors who were able to correctly match the textual description of my state of dirtiness with the corresponding visual rendition of my dirtiness won a free Chris Wildrick Bookmark.

This piece is dedicated to Douglas Huebler, the seminal Conceptual artist whose work with play, randomness, and systems influenced much of my own work and my perspective on art.

Reasons for Showering

Description 1: Friday April 2. Showered because I had to get up early and eat with painting candidate, had been hanging out in smoky bars a lot recently and had alcohol oozing out of pores.
Description 2: Monday April 5. Showered because of burning leaves the day before.
Description 3: Friday April 9. Showered because it had been a while and I had to get up early in the morning.
Description 4: Sunday April 11. Showered because of leaf burning and walking, and had a “Labkids” stamp on the back of my hand.
Description 5: Wednesday April 14. Showered just because it had been a while.
Description 6: Saturday April 17. Showered because I did lots of leaf burning, and had to be nice-smelling that night for Harvey. I was also paranoid about poison ivy.
Description 7: Thursday April 22. Showered because I hadn’t showered for a really long time. It had been warm and I had gotten up a couple layers of dried sweat. I kept forgetting the camera at school so I couldn’t take a shower.
Description 8: Sunday April 25. Showered because I was away in Chicago and I tend to get pretty greasy on road trips.
Description 9: Friday April 30. Showered because I just needed a shower.
Description 10: Sunday May 2. Showered because I mowed the lawn and I hate poison ivy.

Visitors to this website can also play. If you email me a list that correctly links which photo goes with each of the above descriptions, I will mail you a bookmark!

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