Chris Sucks the Marrow out of Life

I performed this twice, first at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and second for a show at the 16 Beaver Street Gallery in New York.

On both occasions, I spent eight hours really enjoying myself. Activities included being interviewed by public radio (on both occasions: one was scheduled and one was a “man-on-the-street” quiz), eating food he really liked (steak sandwiches, hoagies, Coney Island hot dogs), visiting comic book stores, going through the Mütter Museum, and taking a tour of a docked submarine, among many others.

My itineraries were:

Philadelphia: Independence Hall, Free Library of Philadelphia, Rodin Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fairmont Park and the Crew houses, City Hall, Mutter Museum, Rosenbach Museum, Lee’s Hoagies, Chinatown, Edgar Allan Poe’s house, South Street, Jim’s Cheesesteaks, Spirit of Philadelphia submarine, Dicken’s Bar, Khyber Pass

New York: Chelsea Hotel, Chelsea galleries, Washington Square Park, Coney Island, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, Central Park, The Strand bookstore, Forbidden Planet comic book store, David Letterman show, Rupert Jee’s Hello Deli!, Tower Records, CBGB, The Continental

I performed Chris Sucks the Marrow out of Life in an era where I would design posters for each performance after I did them, then I would display the poster, as seen here, in future exhibitions.

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