Dinosaur Duo

As a follow-up to Skin & Bones, where I asked people to draw the exterior of dinosaurs on top of drawings of dinosaur skeletons, I here asked people to draw any two dinosaurs interacting.

These drawings were analyzed for morphological tendencies, the nature of the dinosaurs’ interaction, and the choice of which dinosaurs were represented. Part of the interest here was still just to see how people would draw dinosaurs. The real focus, however, was to see how they interacted with each other–were they violent? Playful? Surreal? Did these relationships change depending on the species? And, as with many other projects, do these imagined interactions say more about us than they do about dinosaurs?

You can download the form here and play at home!

The drawings and analysis were collected into a book featuring a 30′ fold-out chart!

A small selection of the drawings can also be seen here (although the book is recommended for its complete set of the pictures):

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