Emotidon is a set of 10 cards, each of which has an image created from the silhouettes of dinosaurs in a Rorschach Test-like shape. As with the real Rorschach Test, participants of Emotidon simply write down whatever the images make them think of, and why.

This was a very open-ended project. With many of the projects in this series, I had a fairly clear sense of what the projects’ objectives were from the start. This one was more like, “let’s just see how people respond.”

The responses were interesting. Once again, they may say more about us than about dinosaurs; there were some clear trends that seem to indicate people have some relatively consistent reactions to certain imagery.

The book was designed so that the text of the responses was merged with the images to recreate something like the respondee’s original sensory experience.


You can download the full set of blank Emotidon cards here.

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