Jack of Hearts Cosplay

Jack of Hearts was created by one of my favorite Marvel writers, Bill Mantlo, also known for creating Rocket Raccoon and Cloak & Dagger. He was in a tragic accident later in the ’90s and continues to need constant care.

I love the over-the-top costume. One thing I wanted to challenge myself with here was the edge-lit energy blasts that light up around his wrists. You’ll notice in the reference art that his energy signature, unlike most characters, lights up in a disk, not a sphere, around his hand, so it was perfect for using an edge-lit circle of plexi to mimic it. I was honestly amazed how well that part came out in the pictures.

It’s not easy to see in the full-figure photos, but in the close-ups you can see the whited-out eye.

The first pictures are from Fan Expo Toronto 2019. I later remade the chest piece, which can be seen in the last photo, from the 2022 San Diego Comic Con.

This costume was featured on Marvel’s 2019 Costoberfest. At SDCC, the Costume Designer’s Guild wandered the convention looking for cosplays that caught their eye; they saw me and made me one of their Hallway Winners based on the costume’s detail!

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