This Is Who I Am

This is a collection of texts and images by cosplayers from self-identified marginalized communities, who use cosplay as way to combat that marginalization.

The cosplayers submitted their images and texts for use in this project in response to a call that was spread through social media. All copyrights remain their own. The work is being exhibited at the SU Art Gallery at Syracuse University from August 15-November 24, 2019. It is also featured in the slideshow below as well as in this free downloadable PDF booklet.

I want to acknowledge all of their excellent cosplays, which show off amazing creativity, skill, and vision, whether they are brand-new to the hobby or veterans with years of experience under their (EVA foam) belts; as well as their powerful texts; and their bravery and initiative in sending in their work. A big thank-you also to those who helped spread the word on the call for submissions, and especially to the photographers who took the wonderful pictures of all the cosplayers.

Cosplay is an amazing medium for self-expression and is particularly useful in creating, shaping, and evoking the identities we have, and the identities we are slowly moving towards. It is a great weapon in battling stereotypes and creating new visions of who we are, and who we all can be.

Enjoy these excellent images and texts by the cosplayers who chose to be part of this project.

2 thoughts on “This Is Who I Am

  1. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your awesome photo exhibit. It looks great and I cannot wait to show my friends!


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