Local Reality Test: Product Test

I stood in the center of a public space in Madison, Wisconsin, and drank a Coke and a Miller Genuine Draft.

A camera crew recorded me drinking these beverages through video and still photographs. After finishing each drink, I waited to see if any of the expected commercially-advertised ramifications of his imbibing of that particular soft drink or beer (being asked to play volleyball, being invited to parties, being surrounded by babes, etc.) would occur.

However, the surrounding crowd (although made of a seemingly optimal mix of college students, frisbee players, sun tanners, and the like) appeared to be much more interested in the film crew than in my drinking.

This is part of a series where I would test the local version of reality, to see if it followed the rules presumed to universally control all reality.

I performed Local Reality Test: Product Test in an era where I would design posters for each performance after I did them, then I would display the poster, as seen here, in future exhibitions.

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