Skin & Bones II

As a follow-up to Skin & Bones I, where I asked people to draw the exterior of dinosaurs on top of drawings of dinosaur skeletons, I here asked people to sculpt the exterior of dinosaurs on top of plastic dinosaur skeletons.

The idea, once again, was to see what people thought dinosaurs looked like on the outside. As with the first version, the resulting sculptures simultaneously provide a peek into what people think dinosaurs looked like, while they also clearly show how people see dinosaurs as a prop upon which they can let loose their visual imaginations–which is very similar to how they are treated by many professional dinosaur culture creators.

These sculptures were analyzed for morphological tendencies, materials, etc.

An hour-long video with every example, admittedly super-low res due to the internet constraints of the time.

A detailed explanatory poster of the project.

About a third of the participants’ sculptures:


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