The Jedi Are the Worst: Why the Sith Code is Legitimately Better than The Jedi Code–A Social Justice Critique

I don’t normally post my conference presentations here, although I do think of all my conference presentations as a form of performance and social sculpture. That’s partly because in most cases, I prefer to focus on the live aspect of the talk, and the way it affects the room as a group of living people in mutual conversation; and partly because my PowerPoints aren’t designed to be read on their own–a lot of the content is me speaking aloud about the images, so looking at my PowerPoints on their own won’t necessarily do a lot for you. Plus many of my talks are retrospective about existing work, or intended to educate specific groups about specific topics about which I think their field should be aware, but aren’t necessarily all original research.

However, the talk I gave at Realizing Resistance Episode 2: Uncharted Galaxies was a little different. It was over Zoom, I wrote the presentation so that most of the text was actually on-screen, and the content was more stand-alone.

In addition, because of the nature of the conference, I gave a 15-minute talk, but I was also able to include a number of extra slides as an appendix, which expanded on the main content, and which I was able to upload to their servers. This allowed people to check out the additional content afterwards.

So, here you can find that presentation, which includes the original powerpoint as well as the appendix. The subject is, as you can gather from the title, about why the Sith Code is better than the Jedi Code when it comes to making actual improvements in real people’s lives.

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