Things My Cats Can Jump on but I Can’t

I wanted to make art for animals. In order to make art for animals, I needed to know what kind of art animals would like. In order to know what kind of art animals would like, I needed to understand what it’s like to be an animal–what it’s like to see and hear and think and feel and behave like an animal. Thus, a series called Sketches for Art for Animals.

In this particular series, I contemplated the difference between how my cats and I see the world by presenting three things my cats can jump on, but I can’t:

• a window sill

• the top of a filing cabinet

• the landing above my stairs

Below you can see the original images, and the printed versions.

This was later followed by the video Always Landing on My Feet and Cat Jumps/Always Land on Your Feet, an interactive installation that allowed other people to attempt similar leaps.

cat jumps 1
cat jumps 2

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