Changing My Face by Practicing Smiling

This book contains pictures of my face over a 100-day period where I practiced smiling for five minutes each day.

The goal was to change the musculature of my face through the physical exercising of its muscles, as well as to create a more natural, affable smile.

Results were mixed.

I took a picture of my face every day after I was done smiling, so you could see whatever change there was in my relaxed face.

Some examples of the photos:

This was presented as a mini-book. Some other mini-books from the same era included Leaps & Bounds, Pretty Average, Perform Past Terms: An Impersonation Being a Separate Actor, The Book Book, and The First 100 T-shirts I Saw Today. They were all 3.5″ x 4.25″, digitally printed at home, and hand-bound.

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