The Book Book

For one month, I took photographs of all the pages of bound printed material I read, including newspapers, comic books, books, and magazines.

As I finished each page, I wrote down the date and time during which I read it (for instance, “9:43-9:45 pm, 9/8/1”), as well as the material’s bibliographic information.

I ended up reading approximately 1440 pages that particular month. Each volume in this ten-book edition serially presents an equal number of those pages, reprinting the pages at a much-reduced (and essentially illegible) size, annotated with the bibliographic and temporal information about the original reading material.

This was presented as a mini-book. Some other mini-books from the same era included Leaps & Bounds, Pretty Average, Perform Past Terms: An Impersonation Being a Separate Actor, The First 100 T-shirts I Saw Today, and Changing My Face by Practicing Smiling. They were all 3.5″ x 4.25″, digitally printed at home, and hand-bound.

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