Perform Past Terms: An Impersonation Being a Separate Actor

Samuel Beckett’s play, Act Without Words: A Mime for One Player, is a short, repetitive play with no dialogue, only stage directions.

I took each page of this play, wrote down all the words that appeared on that page, alphabetized them, and rewrote them in this book in columns of 9 words per page.

The book thus contains the alphabetized text of each page of the play (as well as an index, should you wish to find out what pages in this book might contain any one particular word).

A sample page, for instance, might read,”the the the the though thought time time time.”

This was presented as a mini-book. Some other mini-books from the same era included Leaps & Bounds, Pretty Average, The Book Book, The First 100 T-shirts I Saw Today, and Changing My Face by Practicing Smiling. They were all 3.5″ x 4.25″, digitally printed at home, and hand-bound.

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